Relive  The Soundtrack of Our Lives 
*We repair and restore pieces from early 1900 wind-up 78 rpm record players,   early 50s, 60s record changers and to the most curent turntables of today. 
*Want to refresh that old SOLID STATE receiver? Yes, we do work on popular   brands like MARANTZ, SANSUI, YAMAHA, KENWOOD, TECHNICS, HITACHI to name a   few. Visit us and we will take care of the rest.
*Have a tape deck that needs servicing? Give us a call. We work on reel-to-reel tape players as well. 
*You have a stereo console and been looking for a place to have it restored or   repaired? We are just a phone call away.

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An engine builder by trade but my pleasurable pastime is listening to  and tinkering with tube audio equipment. It has been a long time hobby and just love it. I've always wanted a separate turntable  to play my 45  and 78 RPM records  and being able to stack them so what I needed was a record changer.  I came across this  vintage packard  bell hifi unit (mono) at a local thrift store for $30. Not bad for an old tube unit although it was in rough shape.
I went to the process of taking it apart (the exciting part). The plan was to make the record changer work and check the electronics. Before I knew it, I was already working on the cabinet.  The unit turned out looking really sharp! One time a friend of mine came by and saw the unit. He told me that a lot of people are looking for  something like it. He asked me if I would consider selling it but was kinda hesitant. After a couple of days, I decided and tried  putting  an ad and, you guessed it right... I sold it quicker than I thought. 
I then started looking for  another unit...sold it...then the third...sold it...and then the first full size stereo console...  and that's how it all started. Now, here I am putting smiles on your faces, You, my customers who has the same love for these forgotten gems. 
Chris Cuesta
The Voice Of Vintage Hifi
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