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1957 RCA VICTOR Model 9-ES-6J Portable Record Player

Click on the photo to enlarge.

When it comes to portable record players, RCA Victor is no slouch.This is a three tube unit  and has dual speakers. Very easy to operate and not too heavy to move around. Plays all record sizes from 16, 33 1/3,45and 78 rpm. This puppy is 59 years young and still alive and well. Well enough to last another 59 years since it has been electronically overhauled meaning ALL electrolytic filter and coupling capacitors have been replaced with new, modern parts. (NOTE: I only use quality electronic parts, not chinese made replacememt pieces).

If you are looking for something great sounding, consider this RCA. Don't even think of buying a New CROSLEY. They break and when they do, they are not even worth repairing.

This will be a great gift for Christmas or birthday.

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